From Death-Row to Farm Hand!

We discovered that many of the people that are willing to open their hearts to a Bella Run horse are also dog lovers! As a 501(c)3, we have the ability to intervene on behalf of the dogs in shelters that the public cannot pull. These dogs are scheduled to be euthanized with no chance at finding a home. Thousands of dogs are euthanized each year in Ohio alone without ever being placed up for adoption. Simply put, that isn't fair, and we are in a position to do something about it. That is how the Farm Dog Program was created.

Our unique Farm Dog Program has been a great success! In addition to house manners, we give dogs the tools necessary to be safe on a farm! When not working outside with us, the dogs are in our home, not chained up or in outdoor kennels. We expect that their new owners do the same. A dog that can behave off-leash and act appropriately around large animals is more appealing to potential homes with horses. Our dogs leave us confident, happy, and willing to work... perfect for a life with horse people!

Because we spend so much time with out farm dogs, we only have a couple dogs in the program at a time. If you are interested in a particular breed/type of dog, please contact us and can help you find a good match, even if it is through another rescue! There are always dogs needing homes!

My Dog Adoption Application - Not Started


Age: 9
Status: Available

Whisper is a happy little Border Collie that loves to stay busy and smell things!  While you may think she is frail and weak because of her age, she actually is very mobile and enjoys playing and going for long walks around the farm.

Whisper is deaf.  Because of this, we require her to go to a home that has a fenced in yard.  A home with horses is allowed, but the prospective ho [..]

Baby Bug

Age: 0
Status: Available

Bug is a feisty little pup!  He is one of Muppet's puppies and is the runt of the litter.  He is about half of the size of the other pups but has twice the personality and enjoys playing with the adult dogs on the farm!

Bug would enjoy a variety of homes, but someone that is home frequently is preferred because of his young age.



Age: 0
Status: Available

Enlo is one of Muppet's puppies.  He is the biggest of all four, and is such a ham!  He plays with the other big dogs on the farm and comes blasting over whenever he sees you!  This guy is so handsome!

Enlo will be available on September 1st.  We are taking applications now.
He is not yet neutered but a neuter contract is required and will be strictly enforced.   [..]


Age: 0
Status: Available

Charlie is an active little bundle of joy!  He is one of Muppet's puppies.  He will be medium sized (daddy is unknown but his mother is around 30 pounds).  A typical bouncing puppy, Charlie loves attention and makes friends with everyone he meets!

Charlie will be available for adoption on September 1st.  
He is not yet neutered but a neuter contract is required and wil [..]


Age: 0
Status: Available

Phil is one of Muppet's babies.  He should be medium sized when full grown.  he is the quietest of all of Muppet's pups and wants to snuggle ALL of the time.

Phil is a big snuggler and does well with cats!  He is going to be an easy puppy to train.  Because of his young age, we ask that his adopter be home often (or able to come home during the day to let him potty).
< [..]


Age: 1
Status: Available

Muppet is the mother of Bug, Enlo, Charlie, and Phil. She came to us when her boys were about a month old, and she was very grateful to have a roof over her head and the medication necessary to get rid of her fleas and worms.

Now Muppet is a happy girl that LOVES attention. She is good off leash and just wants to be by people. She is friendly with other dogs, cats, and behaves a [..]