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Pepper is probably the sweetest dog you'll ever meet!

She was owned by Amish, and when she got pregnant they chained her to a box "so it wouldn't happen again" (they must not have considered that the boy dogs would indeed still be able to "visit"?).  Anyway, when Pepper's puppies were old enough to find homes, a Good Samaritan went to get one and saw Pepper.  The owner agreed to relinquish her to a rescue, and to Bella Run she came!

Pepper was so scared when she arrived that she would cower and urinate on herself.  After about a week she started to gain confidence, and now she's a new woman! Pepper has been to adoption events, to stores, and even sports games.  For some reason she keeps getting passed up (being a black dog doesn't help, it's often harder for them to get attention from potential adopters), but we can't say enough good about her!

She is house trained, EXCELLENT with all other dogs, friendly with children, and is perfect off-leash.  She behaves around horses and doesn't chew things she isn't supposed to.  Pepper can go through the day and night un-crated and was her whole body when she sees you come through the door!

Because of her high prey drive, we ask that anyone that adopts Pepper have no inside cats or small animals.  She seems a little too interested in the smaller critters, and for everyone's success and safety we think it would be best if she were placed in a home without little guys.

Don't miss out on this girl... she's one in a million!