6/3/2017 7:11:48 PM
We are so fortunate! We have been awarded a Fall 2015 grant to build two new outdoor run-in shelters for our new pastures at the front of the farm! Being able to house more horses will help us save even more lives!

For more information on the wonderful Athens Foundation, go to www.athensfoundation.org and visit them on Facebook!

6/3/2017 7:11:39 PM

Bella Run is proud to announce its recent grant award from the Binky Foundation as part of their “First Steps” Initiative. The foundation believes that, “the smallest efforts properly focused can become the seeds from which substantial efforts grow.” By concentrating on the most immediate and sustainable goals of burgeoning non-profits, the Binky Foundation has been able to directly impact more organizations than by simply responding to big-picture ideas.

The Binky Foundation is dedicated to the protection of domestic and wild animals as well as the protection and expansion of animal habitats. It was formed in 2004 by Michalina and Peter Bickford in honor of their beloved cat Binky, who suffered from an enzyme deficiency and depended on the Bickfords for special care. The bond between Binky and the Bickfords led them to create a foundation in Binky’s name to encourage and assist those who nurture the relationship between animals and humans.

Bella Run Equine has been awarded a “First Steps” grant to help with the construction of a new combination hay storage facility and feed room. With the addition of this building, we will be able to care for more horses and protect expensive supplements. Because many of the horses suffer from minor injuries or health issues as a result of prior mistreatment, each individual animal usually requires a very specific diet while in rehabilitation. This involves optimized feeding schedules and a deliberate blend of grain and supplements to help them recover.

It is critical that food and water come from clean, secure sources. The new feed room will protect the expensive feeds from invading pests so that we will not spend our budget on replenishing supplies, and the new hay storage facility will prevent birds and other small animals from building nests and leaving droppings that horses could accidentally ingest. The Binky Foundation Grant has enabled us to divert revenue away from expansion demands and focus on responsibly rescuing more horses from slaughter.

In addition to providing resources to young organizations, supporting education is one of their primary objectives. The Binky Foundation provides funding for new research and educational efforts as well as already established and effective internship programs. http://www.binkyfoundation.org