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28 years
Quarter Horse
14.2 hh


Haven is the sweetest soul.
She is a senior who requires a special diet due to her old lady teeth (chopped hay and senior feed).

Don’t just scroll on by though... it should be noted that this mare is exceptional with children (she even plays dress up patiently) and has such an adorable personality. This mare has captured all of our hearts here at the farm. She’s a special one, no doubt. 

This mare is one that will need more than she can give (as far as riding goes) at this point, but we get the feeling that she has paid her dues and has done a favor or two for the humans in her past. She is looking for a family who is ok with the fact that she can’t go on long trail rides anymore... and is ok with feeding her anyway. We are here to make sure she gets the retirement and love she deserves, but we worry that such a family won’t come along. We hope we are wrong. Please consider Haven. If you would like to adopt her and keep that sparkle in her eye, contact us. You won’t regret it... she puts a smile on our faces every single day!

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