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4 years

Geronimo is a good little pony who came to us because his owners were unable to care for him any longer.  He was underweight, unhandled, and a stallion.  He has since been gelded and is being handled every day.  To be honest, he's coming along so quickly we forget what he was like when he came!

Ponies can be known for their "sewing machine" type movement... bouncy and quick. Geronimo, on the other hand, has beautiful movement!  He is suspension, reach, and one heck of a stride!  Simply put, he FLOATS!

He loads on a trailer, picks up his feet, and ties well.

Unfortunately, when Geronimo was castrated his face was not padded sufficiently.  The hardware on his halter pinched a nerve, causing partial facial paralysis on one side.  He has full control of his eye, jaw, swallowing, etc, but his lips droop on one side (his left).  He is currently receiving acupuncture (thank you Susan Barr for your services!) for this issue and we have seen a touch of improvement already! While it may never resolve completely, we are convinced he can live a quality life with a wonderful family!

UPDATE 9/1/20: Geronimo’s face has healed remarkably well and is no longer an issue! He is now in training and is doing SO WELL. This little pony walks right up to you in the field and has such a good personality. Lots of try! We are in the process of registering him as a POA, which hopefully will increase interest in this handsome little hunk!

For more information, please TEXT or call Bella Run Equine at 740-731-3291.