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Adoption Pending

7 years

Gracie is a meek and mild, yet impossibly sweet, miniature donkey.
She is practicing picking up her feet for the farrier. They came to us terribly overgrown so will need some continuing rehab by a competent farrier. If you are interested in adopting her, please speak with your farrier est to make sure they are up to the task!

Gracie takes treats gently, and leads very well. Gracie is currently morbidly obese and dieting with her friend, Susie, on a dry lot. Gracie can not be turned out in a grassy pasture until her weight is under control. Even so, donkeys have different dietary needs than horses, so they will never need lush pastures 

She is bonded with Susie and will only be adopted out with her.

Please note that donkeys, when well cared for, can live much longer than horses. Since donkeys bond tightly with their friends and humans, we hope that whoever adopts her is prepared to get this donkey’s love for a lifetime!