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1 years
Quarter Horse Pony Other

Beau came to us from WV, where someone set his herd free o a nig piece of property with no care.  Beau was born out in the hills with no human handling.

Thankfully, he was rounded up with 10 others and came here with Harper.  They are both coming along really well and he is already starting to lead quite well! He is curious and very sweet, always coming up to the front of his stall to see what is going on!  This is the sort of colt that will basically train himself if you just tell him what to do... he will make a trainer look good!

Based on his current size, we estimate him to grow to large pony size (under or around 14.2). You never know though... he may have a growth spurt and surprise us all!

He will be castrated before his adoption, but if you are interested in adopting this little man, let us know!